Prehistoric Park DVD

Prehistoric Park DVD
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Join zoologist and wildlife expert Nigel Marven as he travels back in time to capture the most amazing creatures ever to exist. Step into the hostile climates of the Cretaceous, Pleistocene and Paleozoic time periods, learn what killed these incredible creatures as Marven brings them back to the most incredible zoo never to exist, Prehistoric Park.

Zoologist Nigel Marven travels back to the Cretaceous Montana on a mission to rescue Tyrannosaurus Rex. As a wave of devastation heads towards him, he coaxes two baby Tyrannosaurs through the portal and into the park – naming them Terence and Matilda in the process.

With the park up and running, Marven travels 10,000 years back to the ice age, in search of the last remaining woolly mammoths. After an unexpected encounter with a cave bear, he successfully returns with an injured female mammoth he calls Martha.

Bird House
Head 135 million years back to prehistoric China on a search for a winged dinosaur called a Microraptor. To host Nigel Marven's surprise, a devastating volcanic eruption forces him to rescue not only the Microraptors, but a huge Titanosaurs as well.

Sabre Tooth
A huge Titanosaurs escapes its compound as Marven leaves on an expedition to prehistoric South America. Accompanied by big cat expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton, the two search for the legendary Sabre-Tooth cat as they face eternal extinction.

Go back 300 million years to prehistoric Scotland to search for giant creepy crawlies. After capturing a giant dragonfly, millipede and scorpion in quick succession, the team hitches a ride with an enormous Titanosaurs to the portal back to the park.

Giant Croc
Go back 75 million years to prehistoric Texas on Deinosuchus rescue attempt. Deinosuchus is the largest crocodile ever to have lived! Marvin scouts the coastline in a light aircraft and witnesses a massive croc erupting from the water to catch prey. After losing his bait to a group of Troodons, he lures the Deinosuchus through the portal.

Running Time: 4 hours 18 minutes on 3 DVDs