Chased by Dinosaurs DVD

Chased by Dinosaurs DVD
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Product Description

Winner of the 2003 Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.

Travel back in time with dino-hunting zoologist Nigel Marven as he embarks on three exciting adventures into earth's prehistoric past – each as seen on the BBC. In The Giant Claw, the search is on for Therizinosaurus, a 75-million year old herbivore that's built like a meat-eater. Its enormous 28-inch claws and 10-foot arms are more than enough to keep the average predator away – but not Nigel. Land of Giants sees Nigel and his crew leap back to the early Cretaceous period to what is now Argentina. There, they stumble upon the Holy Grail of dinosaurs – Argentinosaurus. At over 100 feet long, it's the largest lizard ever. Then, in Chased by Sea Monsters, the team plumbs the depths of prehistory's seven deadliest seas. Prepare for up-close encounters with sea scorpions, terrifying giant squid, massive armored fish and the unthinkable Megalodon – the ancient relative to today's Great White Sharks.


Contains five 30-minute episodes as aired on the BBC: The Giant Claw, Land of Giants and the three-part Chased by Sea Monsters
Extreme Dinosaurs: The Science of Giants bonus featurette (50 minutes)
Highlights from the score
Fact files on every featured creature
Widescreen anamorphic format
From the makers of Walking with Dinosaurs, each adventure features brilliant special effects and digital animation for a truly photorealistic experience. And every creature – from the pesky Pteranodons to the Giant Orthocone – is given a full, naturalist's report, centering on behavior, diet and even hunting instincts.

Made In: USA
Format: DVD
Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes