Essential Dinosaur Pack - Discovery Channel DVD

Essential Dinosaur Pack - Discovery Channel DVD
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Product Description

Now for the first time, all of Discovery Channel's exciting dinosaur programs in one two-disc set! From the dino's eye view in the complete Emmy Award-winning Dinosaur Planet to the groundbreaking discoveries of Valley of the T-Rex to the intriguing possibilities of Dinosaurs: Return to Life? The whole family will enjoy more then 8 hours of this thrilling collection as we travel back to prehistoric times to get to know these fascinating creatures.

Valley Of The T. Rex:  Follow paleontologist Jack Horner as he unearths a mystery at record pace. In a single summer he has found the skeletons of five T. Rex dinosaurs in the arid badlands of Montana. Learn how the remains of these legendary creatures are teaching Horner a very unexpected lesson.

T. Rex: New Science, New Beast:  Experience the history of Tyrannosaurus Rex in a fun new way. For the young and old, this fascinating program will delight your imagination and show you a different side of this mammoth creature.

When Dinosaurs Roamed America:  Travel back in time to the period when these stunning creatures inhabited our continent. State-of-the-art computer animation, live-action backgrounds and the latest scientific finds show how dinosaurs lived and died in our own backyard.

Utah's Dino Graveyard:  Follow the excavation and research of a new species of Therizinosaur, the most primitive member of a bizarre group of feathered dinosaurs. See how they are believed to be most closely related to raptors a group that evolved into today's birds.

Dinosaur Planet:  In four exciting, adventurous episodes, learn what it was like to be a dinosaur as the sights and sounds of the primordial past are recreated through state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery.

The Mystery Dinosaur:  Sometimes a discovery forever changes what we think we know, altering our perspective and rewriting history. This is the story of a mystery dinosaur named Jane, baffling the greatest minds in paleontology from the moment she was unearthed Just for the record, this isn't the first time a woman has baffled a bunch of guys.