Tyrannosaurus Rex - 2007 Wild Safari Green

Tyrannosaurus Rex - 2007 Wild Safari Green
Item# SW298529

Product Description

The Wild Safari hand-painted, authentic, and affordable dinosaur replicas stimulate creative play. Children love them for their playful poses, quality, and collectible range, as well as their educational value. A color-coded 5-language educational hang tag is included with each replica. This T-Rex measures 7" L x 4.25" H (17.75 x 10.75 cm). Age 3+.


Dino Data
Pronunciation: tye-RAN-uh-SAWR-us
Translation: Tyrant Lizard
Description: Carnivore, Bipedal
Height: 16 feet (7.0 meters)
Length: 40 feet (15.2 meters)
Weight: 16,000 lbs
Period: Late Cretaceous